20. Can I get feedback to my video recordings?

Yes!!! ;D

As a member of PCA, you can share your recordings as follows:

1. Get feedback to your recordings. Get weekly feedback to your recordings* from our awesome teacher Yuko Agata Farman!

Yuko has a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, a performance diploma from ABRSM, and she also holds the title of NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano), through the Music Teacher’s National Association in USA. Since 2012, Yuko has been studying with me as well (as a member of PianoCareerAcademy) – and now her entire teaching method is based on the professional principles of the Russian piano school.

A couple of years ago, Yuko met Irina Gorin (an amazing Russian-trained teacher, the author of the method books for children “Tales of a Musical Journey”). Yuko translated these books into Japanese, and since then she has conducted many seminars to introduce the Russian method to Japanese teachers. Between 2017 and 2019, she has taught more than 200 piano teachers through her seminars and sold about 1,000 books on her own. As a result, the books were recognized by Yamaha and she is currently working with Yamaha to publish the books under its name. At the same time, Yuko continues to inspire piano teachers around the world to disseminate the correct method of piano playing with Irina Gorin.

* If you wish to get feedback, you can only submit beginner/intermediate pieces that you have learned here on PCA, by following our tutorials. The purpose of our feedback project is to let you know whether you are on the right track in applying everything you have learned as a member of our program. It is not to offer individual guidance that is not related to the learning experience on our site :).

2. Share your recordings with our members. You can also share your recordings with the members of our awesome community (students and teachers from all over the world). Our members are extremely positive and supportive, and you you will get invaluable performing experience as a result (not to mention the positive energy and motivation!). The recordings you submit for feedback can also be viewed by our members – so the entire learning experience feels like a real MasterClass, where everyone can participate and learn from each other!

We are looking forward to your performances! ;)