21. Can I/Should I keep seeing my real-life teacher after joining?

It all depends on you – and also on your teacher, on the quality of his/her lessons and the piano system he/she follows (Russian, Western, old-school etc.).

Please allow me to explain:

After joining my Piano Coaching Program, you’ll notice that I share the professional principles of the Russian piano school, and that all my tutorials have a premium quality, being super-detailed, in-depth and very comprehensive (which in real life is accessible only in Conservatoires).

So here is what usually happens: after several weeks on PCA, some of our members decide to stop seeing their real-life teachers (in case they had one when they joined). The reason is simple: they watch my tutorials and they discover that until now they have been taught incorrectly (or in a very shallow manner). A few symptoms of incorrect teaching: you are learning the notes, rhythm and fingering (and also maybe basic articulation and dynamics), but your teacher doesn’t pay attention to your posture, use of the arms, wrist flexibility/relaxation, key attack, sound quality and color, phrasing, sound balance/voicing (and other expressive requirements), artistry, in-depth musical analysis and understanding etc.

Other members, on the other hand, are happy to discover that the teaching method of their real-life teacher is in perfect tune with the professional method I use (or, if it’s not in perfect tune, it is very serious and professional as well) :). This is actually the ideal solution – to continue to see a very good real-life teacher, complementing your knowledge with the super-detailed information you can find on PCA.

Important: I will never encourage/discourage you when it comes to continuing your real-life lessons or not. This is your decision alone :) (not to mention that unfortunately I don’t have the time to communicate with all our hundreds of members OR offer them individual lessons – as explained in questions No. 3 and 13).