19. Can you tell me more about your Scale Course?

Yes, of course! ;)

My step-by-step Scale Course is entitled How to Practice Piano Scales and Arpeggios – the Art Behind the Exercise.

It consists of many progressive Video Lessons where I share, in a very detailed manner, the entire scale system we use in the Russian piano school.

The Lessons are structured according to 8 progressive levels, that can be grouped in the following manner: Beginner (1-3), Intermediate (4-6) and Advanced (7-8):

  • Beginners can start from Level 1 (but only after at least 6 months of regular practice, or after finishing Lesson No. 47 from my Course for Beginners!);
  • Intermediates can start directly from Level 4;
  • Advanced pianists can start from Level 7.

There are many lessons (4-12) in each level – and each lesson is dedicated to a certain tonality (advancing according to the Circle of Fifths), with lots of scale & arpeggio variations.

Practicing scales in a systematic manner will improve four fundamental aspects of your pianistic skill-set:

  • Your technique,
  • your theoretical understanding of tonalities and your harmonic thinking,
  • your hearing, and also
  • your expressive skills.

In each step-by-step lesson we will go ‘behind the curtain’ and discover things that you will not find in typical scale books or tutorials!

For each scale or arpeggio variation I analyze, in a very detailed manner:

  1. Its structure – according to the Russian method and also to the Circle of Fifths;
  2. Its ‘key formula’ – or the specific technical patterns (hand positions) that it will help you develop;
  3. Its benefits;
  4. Its main technical difficulties – with detailed ‘smart’ solutions;

I also share with you:

  1. Preparatory exercises (which are especially useful for beginners);
  2. Detailed downloadable fingering charts for each lesson;
  3. Special expressive tasks according to the best traditions of the Russian piano school, and – the most important thing –
  4. Lots of video practice tips that will help you to master each scale and play it with ease, fluidity, brilliance and comfort! ;)

Because of the detailed progressive structure of this Course, you’ll never have to wonder again what variation you should play next – or if the scale you’re practicing is suitable for your level or not. I’m going to guide you every step of the way  – so that you’ll always know WHAT variations to practice (in how many octaves, in what order, with what fingers), HOW to practice them and, of course, WHY should you practice them in the first place :).

Once you join, you will have unlimited access to ALL available Scale Lessons – and to our ENTIRE database, comprising many hundreds of exclusive tutorials (more info in FAQ No. 2).