1. What is PianoCareerAcademy?

PianoCareerAcademy.com (PCA) is an Online Piano Coaching Program that shares the professional principles of the Russian piano school in a detailed, holistic, very in-depth manner – offering its members premium quality tutorials that cannot be found anywhere else (unless you study with a professor trained in a Russian-style Conservatoire).

I created this Coaching Program because I have a dream: free, effortless and expressive playing should not be a privilege of Conservatory students and concert pianists! I strongly believe that every piano student/lover (regardless of age, skill level or country), deserves to have easy access to the holistic professional secrets of the Russian piano school, and to all those discoveries I have made the hard way during my own piano quest.

PCA is addressed to ALL levels – from absolute beginners to advanced pianists and piano teachers. Our courses for Beginners have a step-by-step format – while the tutorials for intermediate and advanced students target specific pieces or piano topics/problems.

The Members Area of PCA can be compared with an enormous library – the equivalent of many hundreds of books and DVDs (which you can access for the price of one book! :D). Plus, new tutorials are being posted on a weekly basis!

Once you become a member, you’ll have instant and unlimited access to an enormous database of exclusive tutorials: many hundreds of videos and articles (including step-by-step courses) focused on a very wide range of piano playing topics, being structured according to categories and levels. We also share many scores and teaching resources (including unique materials we use in the Russian piano school). Find the full list of features included in the membership in FAQ No. 2!

As a member of PCA you will:

  • Learn the professional secrets of the Russian piano school via my holistic approach to piano playing;
  • Learn how to play piano from scratch by following our step-by-step Video Course for Beginners based on Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing (more info about this Course in FAQ No. 17);
  • Learn how to play expressively and convincingly – in a ‘scientific’, thorough, step-by-step manner, by understanding HOW exactly to create specific expressive effects and emotional images; you will discover that expressiveness is not a gift you’re born with – but a skill that anyone can master; an inspired artistic performance is 99% correct practice – and only 1% ‘talent’! :P
  • Develop your hearing and your mental ‘super-powers’ (that will make ALL the difference in your playing!): awareness, imagination, concentration, memorization etc;
  • Learn how to practice correctly, mindfully and efficiently: the way you practice determines the way you perform!
  • ‘Skyrocket’ your technique by learning very efficient ergonomic professional secrets (such as whole-arm action, weighted playing, relaxation and freedom of movement, wrist navigation etc.), and by following our step-by-step Scale & Arpeggio Course (more info about this Course in FAQ No. 19);
  • Improve your posture, your key attack and get rid of tension for good!
  • Improve your theoretical knowledge and analytical abilities;
  • Learn how to analyze and practice hundreds of specific pieces – in a detailed step-by-step manner!
  • Discover the great piano repertoire (and download hundreds of scores!);
  • Learn how to increase your productivity while staying relaxed and enjoying every step of your piano quest;
  • Learn how to deal with performance anxiety, so each concert will become a pleasant, liberating experience;
  • Widen your musical horizons by learning more about music history (the main epochs/styles/genres, great composers and their works etc.);
  • Ask questions and get feedback to your playing by participating in our awesome interactive projects: the MasterClass, the Q&A etc. (more details in FAQ No. 2);
  • Get inspired and find motivation whenever you feel down;
  • Share your piano goals and your progress;

… and much much more! ;)