18. I can’t read musical notation. Can I still benefit from your program?

Yes! :)

You will learn how to read musical notation from scratch, in a fun progressive manner, by following my step-by-step Video Course for Beginners (learn more about this Course by reading my answer to the previous FAQ).

I also have to mention that learning how to read music is very important – and also very easy if done correctly! ;)

So if you’re thinking that this is a skill you don’t need, and you simply want to learn to play by ear (or by mechanically memorizing chord progressions), then I strongly advise you to reconsider! :P

Playing without knowing how to read musical notation can be compared to speaking without knowing how to read/write in your language. So why would you choose to be illiterate, when learning how to read is fun and easy? LOL

By developing good reading skills you will open the door to an amazing universe of beautiful music, being able to decipher and learn ANY piece independently – may it be a Nocturne by Chopin, a Sonata by Beethoven, a Prelude by Rachmaninoff or Debussy, or a complex 5-part Fugue by J.S. Bach! 8)