3. What is not included in the membership?

The PCA membership does not include:

  • Unlimited individual piano guidance (read below what type of individual guidance IS included!);
  • Replies to unlimited complex questions posted in the Members Area (read below what types of questions you CAN ask!);
  • Piano discussions via email, phone or Skype with me or my assistants (except for customer support, as explained below);
  • Downloading our videos (they can only be watched online for as long as you remain a member).

Here is why these things are not included in the PCA membership:

1. Unlimited individual piano guidance.

My Coaching Program was designed to offer you easy access to a huge database of exclusive video and written tutorials (and much more!) :). You can compare the Members Area with an enormous library – the equivalent of many hundreds of books and DVDs (which you can access for the price of one book!). Plus, new tutorials are being posted on a weekly basis!

Once you register, you’ll have instant access to ALL our tutorials (more info in  FAQ No. 2) and also to lots of useful guidelines that will help you how to browse our database depending on your level/goal. However, it will be up to you how you use the available information – and how you apply it to your practice. For reasons that I will explain in a minute, I cannot be there for you 24/7, guiding you every step of the way.

Still, limited individual guidance IS included in the membership! A good example is our MasterClass project (where I offer in-depth video feedbacks to our members’ recordings), or the Questions & Answers project (where I offer detailed video replies to your questions in a monthly video). Both these projects are scheduled – it means that you can participate in a MasterClass twice per year, and you can ask one question per month as part of the Q&A.

If you’re still wondering why I cannot be there for you 24/7 :P – please allow me to explain:

PCA has hundreds of members – while I am only one person. I am currently dedicating my entire work time (6 days a week, 10-12 hours per day) to designing, recording and posting video tutorials beneficial for ALL our members (not to mention all the tasks associated with running a large online Academy). Offering unlimited individual guidance to all of them, on TOP of all the other things included in the membership, would be physically impossible, as you surely understand :).

Another reason why in-depth individual guidance is not included in the membership is the very affordable price (only $47 per month – when the price of an individual piano lesson ranges nowadays between $40 and $200 per 45 minutes). I’m sure you understand that Conservatoire-level unlimited individual guidance cannot cost only $47 per month! LOL

2. Replies to unlimited complex questions posted in the Members Area.

Still, you CAN ask short questions if you don’t understand something in an existing tutorial – and you’ll always receive a reply from me or my assistants! And, as I mentioned above, you can also ask questions as part of our monthly Questions & Answers project!

3. Piano discussions via email, phone or Skype with me or my assistants.

This restriction only applies to piano guidancenot to customer support! You can always ask customer support questions via emailwithout ANY limitations – and you will get a timely reply from my assistants!

WHY is piano guidance via email/Skype/phone not included in the membership? For the same reasons explained above! Imagine that you’re a member of PCA and you’re eagerly waiting for the next Lesson from our Beginner Course (or the next Masterpiece tutorial etc.). Wouldn’t you be disappointed if instead of designing/recording/editing/publishing the promised lesson, I would chat via email/Skype/phone with some of our members, neglecting my work and letting down our entire community? For this reason, if you have a question, you should post it as part of the Q&A project – and this way, ALL our members will benefit from my answer (as compared to detailed answers via email, which take a lot of time to write, but are are beneficial to only one person). I believe in 100% transparent work accountability – and all our members know that my entire work time is dedicated to them!!!