2. What is included in the membership?

Whether you choose the monthly or yearly subscription – the PCA membership includes:

  • 24/7 unlimited access to ALL our hundreds of exclusive, in-depth, premium-quality video and written tutorials;
  • Unlimited access to our step-by-step courses (the Course for Beginners, the Scale & Arpeggio Course, the Sight-Reading Course);
  • New tutorials every week;
  • Downloadable scores and method books (including unique materials we use in the Russian piano school);
  • The Questions & Answers project (monthly videos where I answer our members’ questions!);
  • The possibility to submit recordings in our MasterClass and receive detailed feedback;
  • Thousands of captivating piano conversations with piano students/teachers/enthusiasts from the entire world;
  • The possibility to chat with other members of our big community, to share your recordings and your piano progress with them;
  • Piano motivation, inspiration, health advice;
  • Top-quality customer support;
  • … and much much more!

Do you want to take a look at the FULL list of tutorials available for the members of my Coaching Program before registration;D You can find it here: PianoCareerAcademy – Complete List of Tutorials.

Besides the enormous database of existing tutorials, I’m also posting new ones on a regular basis.

I’m currently working on the following projects:

1. Piano Masterpieces – Detailed Video Lessons for All Levels. Each lesson is dedicated to a Masterpiece of the piano repertoire (pre-classical, classical, romantic, impressionist or modern piece of high artistic value), comprising a detailed analysis and a step-by-step, super-thorough practice guide. The Masterpiece tutorials are structured according to levels – featuring pieces for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

2. Practicing Scales and Arpeggios – The Art Behind the Exercise. This step-by-step holistic course comprises many progressive episodes, covering the entire scale system we use in the Russian piano school, with super-detailed practice tips for every level (from absolute beginner to virtuoso). Learn more about this Course by reading the FAQ No. 19.

3. Step-by-Step Video Course for Piano Beginners (based on Nikolaev’s Russian School of Piano Playing – the most fundamental method book that we use in the Russian Piano School). By following this progressive Course, you will learn how to play piano from scratch, in an enjoyable progressive manner, discovering all the professional principles of correct practice and developing all your artistic/expressive/technical/sight-reading/analytical skills in a harmonious manner. Learn more about this Course by reading the FAQ No. 17.

4. Piano Masterclasses. Once in several months, you can share your recordings in our ‘online masterclass’ – and get my detailed video feedback! ;)

5. Questions & Answers. I answer our members’ questions in a monthly video!

Besides teaching the secrets of correct, productive and enjoyable piano playing, our Piano Coaching Program also helps each student to grow, to discover his/her unique talents, to learn more about the psychological aspects of musical performance (including how to increase our confidence, how to get rid of performance anxiety etc.), to improve his/her health and well-being and so on.

On our site you’ll also find support and motivation – and an awesome community of piano enthusiasts!

And, at all times, you will have our special Table of Contents as your main guide. It will offer you direct one-click links to ALL our lessons, making it super-easy to decide where to start and what tutorials to watch next (not to mention that we have detailed videos that will show you how to use our site, how to browse our database and find any tutorial you might be looking for).