34. I want to join PCA for improving my piano technique! Is this ok?

Yes, of course! As a member of our program, you will have the opportunity to learn the technical fundamentals of the Russian piano school. You will discover and master important ergonomic professional principles, such as:

  • whole-arm action and weighted playing;
  • correct key attack and sound production;
  • arm/wrist relaxation – and how to combine it with hand/finger strength;
  • wrist flexibility, navigation and anticipation etc.

By practicing correctly, in the step-by-step manner that I describe in my videos, you will develop your:

  • technical power and endurance;
  • dexterity and velocity;
  • coordination and accuracy;
  • technical freedom, comfort, stability and control.

… and this list can go on and on!

These principles (together with lots of correct practice!) will help you to play in a free, tensionless, fluid manner, without clumsiness and rigidity, without hand injuries and all the other frustrating limitations created by an incorrect playing habit and a poor technique.


In order to become a really good pianist and musician, you need to understand the bigger picture.

For this purpose, I created a detailed video tutorial entitled Developing a Brilliant Piano Technique – The Holistic Professional Approach. This tutorial is available for FREE on PianoCareer.com (and also on my YouTube channel).

Please check it out! In only 24 minutes:

  • you will acquire a ‘bird’s eye view‘ on the entire art of piano playing;
  • you will see how technique fits into the bigger picture – and how it interacts with all the other pieces of the puzzle;
  • you will learn how to eliminate the root cause of all piano problems;
  • we will shine a bright light on the mysterious term ‘expression‘;
  • we will debunk some very harmful modern myths and stereotypes…

… and you will never see piano playing with the same eyes again!

This short video will change your entire perspective on piano playing – so please don’t hesitate to watch it!

We do not play piano with our fingers, but with our mind.
~Glenn Gould