27. Who is Ilinca Vartic?

I really don’t like to talk about myself LOL (I’d rather allow my work to speak for itself) – but because I get lots of questions from you guys about my background, my degrees and experience etc., I will have to include this one in the FAQs as well:

So, here we go – very shortly: :P

My name is Ilinca Vartic, I am a professional pianist and piano teacher.

I have a Masters degree in Musical Art – Instrumental Performance (the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts from Chisinau, Moldova, 2006).

In 2004 I graduated the same Academy with the University degree of Bachelor of music, specialization Piano.

In 1999 I graduated the Republican Musical Lyceum “C. Porumbescu” from Moldova, specialization Piano.

In other words, I studied piano (professionally) for 19 years: 12 years of Lyceum, 5 years of Academy (University-level education) and 2 years of Masters (post-University degree).

I began to study piano at the age of 6. I had the great honor of being the student of two renowned piano professors: Lia Oxinoit (during the lyceum years) and Ludmila Vaverco (during the Academy years). Combining the best traditions of the Russian piano school with top-level western musical achievements, they took the pianistic art from Eastern Europe to new heights! 8) ( I could write many volumes about my wonderful teachers and how much I learned from them, but I did promise to be concise! LOL).

And now – a few (very short!) glimpses from my musical journey:

During my studying years, I participated in many hundreds of concerts – solo, in various ensembles (duets, trios, quartets, quintets), and also with symphony orchestras (performing concerts such as Chopin’s Concerto No. 2, or Rachmaninoff’s Concerto No. 1 etc.).

In 2006, simultaneously with preparing for my Masters exams, I became the piano soloist of Moldova’s National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Professional audio recordings were our main focus – but we also had hundreds of live concerts each year, and many international tours (we usually toured in Switzerland, France, Italy and South Korea).

In 2007 I also began to teach piano at the Academy of Music from Chisinau.

In 2008 I founded PianoCareer.com – my free piano blog, where I started to write articles focused on my holistic approach to piano playing, music and lifestyle (you can find out more about this approach – which combines the professional principles of the Russian piano school with all the lessons I learned the hard way during my own extensive piano experience – by reading/watching all my available tutorials).

My readers started to encourage me to record video tutorials ;D – and so in 2010 I bought a video camera, recording my first video tutorials, which are still available for free on PianoCareer.com and YouTube:

The 5 Basic Elements of a Correct Piano Posture
The Secrets of a Correct Piano Key Attack
Using the Piano Pedals – The Art Behind the Mechanism
Using the Piano Pedals – On Style and Notation

I started to receive hundreds of piano questions, and – inspired from the amazing online dialogue I was having with my readers – I decided to launch PianoCareerAcademy.com, a Holistic Piano Coaching Program that would allow me to teach in (a very detailed, step-by-step manner!) all those things that I was mentioning in my free tutorials.

Because PCA started to take up 500% of my time LOL, I had to let go of my real-life jobs – which was not easy, because I was very fond of the orchestra and my Academy students! I sooo wish there were 100 hours in a day, so that I could do it all! LOL

PCA was launched on February 15th 2012 – and since then, the journey has been absolutely mind-blowing!!!!!! These three years (I’m writing this post in Febuary 2015) have been amazing, fabulously inspiring, exhausting and super-energizing at the same time, full of wonderful people, many discoveries and adventures  – and this is only the beginning! :P I am sooooo grateful to ALL my hundreds of online students for believing in my work and for choosing PCA as their main piano-learning resource! I’m always doing my absolute best to offer you guys the most enjoyable, comprehensive and productive piano experience – and I hope that this journey will continue for many years to come!

Our List of Tutorials has grown to enormous proportions during this time – and in only 3 years I have published many hundreds of tutorials (probably more than one thousand already, but I never tried counting LOL)! I continue to publish new tutorials every week – simultaneously working on several exciting projects (learn more about them by reading FAQ No. 2).

That’s it for now! The PCA journey continues – and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Members Area! ;)


My biggest passions are music and teaching (of course! :P), training and self-improvement (I am a training addict – with a focus on strength training and yoga), languages (I speak 5 of them – perfect Romanian, Russian and English, and pretty decent French and Spanish), writing (online work will do that to you! LOL), reading and philosophy, travel and photography, animals, technology (I love computers, web-design, PhotoShop and graphic design etc. etc.) – and again I could write a novel but I promised to be short! ;D

And, last but not least – a few words about my holistic approach:

I created PianoCareerAcademy.com to help pianists (and musicians) of all ages to find joy, balance and fulfillment in their piano practice. During many years of extremely demanding piano challenges, I learned the hard way that only a holistic approach toward musical performance can make our activity truly rewarding, meaningful and eye-opening.

In order to have a fulfilled piano career, practicing piano and studying the theory of music (and other related subjects) is absolutely not enough. Everything has to be balanced in our life – body and mind, practice and theory, movement and stillness, music and silence.

It’s impossible to make considerable progresses in a certain field (in our case – piano playing) without deeply knowing yourself, the surrounding universe and your mutual interaction. That’s why, for a musician, the word ‘harmony’ has to reach its true complex meaning given by the ancient philosophers, thus helping us to have a fulfilled life, where music and piano will have a special, shining place 8).

On PCA, I share things that you will not find in official piano playing handbooks and courses. If applied correctly, these secrets will help you save precious time and effort, and will make the difference between a tiring and frustrating musical activity – and a productive, enjoyable one.