12. Can I buy your tutorials on DVD?

No. PianoCareerAcademy.com is an Online Piano Coaching Program – and our database of tutorials is too enormous to fit on DVDs :). If we would ever decide to sell our courses and lessons on DVD, we would probably need many hundreds of them, and their price would be so huge (because of the actual physical costs of burning/printing/shipping) that nobody could afford it LOL.

Moreover, I publish new tutorials every week – and it would be impossible to keep shipping all the new DVDs to our customers – while our online database is always up to date (for the same price!).

In other words, you can compare the Members Area with an enormous library – the equivalent of hundreds of books and DVDs (which you can access for the price of one book!). It’s actually really wonderful that the internet makes it possible to share so much at such a low cost – and this way our tutorials are affordable for many people (as compared to expensive DVD courses or real-life lessons of the same premium quality, that only a few could afford).

To have a better understanding of what you can find in the Members Area once you subscribe, please read my answer to FAQ No. 2.