23. I am 30/40/50/60 years old. Is it too late to become a good pianist?

No!!! It’s never too late to learn how to play piano!!! :)

Yes, many people will tell you differently, but my experience (working with hundreds of adult beginners!) taught me one important thing:

When it comes to mastering an art (such as piano playing), age is NOT the most important thing. What matters is the time you put in, the quality of your practice – and also your exact goal.

For example – it usually takes at least 15 years of regular, correct, dedicated, mindful practice (under the guidance of a good teacher – real-life or online) to become a professional concert pianist. During this time, a student has to practice at least 3 hours per day, 5 days a week (but I will repeat that the quality of your practice is more important than quantity, and that mechanical practice doesn’t lead to ANY progress). So, if you’re 6 when you start practicing, you CAN become a professional by the age of 21. If you start at 20 – you can become a very good pianist by about 35 – and so on!

However, not everyone wants to become a professional and earn their living by giving concerts! In this case, you will reach a very good level (which will allow you to play beautiful pieces that you love) in only 3-7 years!

Moreover, many people think that children can learn a musical instrument faster than an adult – but they forget that children do not have jobs, families, serious responsibilities etc. etc. All they need to do is study (practice) – and they have plenty of time for it. Adults, on the other hand, usually do not have lots of time for practice – and this is the only reason they do not make such fast progress.

And, last but not least – learning how to play a musical instrument makes us younger by improving our mental acuity and flexibility, our imagination and creativity, our speed of reaction, our spontaneity – and the list of benefits has only started! So instead of thinking “I’m too old for this, because my mind/fingers are no longer flexible enough!”, you should think “Ok, so my mind/fingers have grown a bit stiff and rusty over the years (because I didn’t learn anything new in a long time) – and for this reason, I will start to play piano and reverse the process!” ;D

It’s just like in physical training: we don’t workout because we’re already strong and flexible (mentally or physically). We workout because we want to become healthy, strong and flexible! ;)

Conclusion. If you love music and you want to learn how to play piano, you should start today, no matter how old you are!!! One year from now, you will look back at the enormous distance you have covered, and you will be so happy that you made this decision! Don’t forget that the time will pass anyway – so it’s up to you how you will use it! 😉

Yes, you might not become a professional concert pianist if you start after 35-40 – but you CAN become a very good musician, acquire wonderful skills, grow and enrich your knowledge, AND learn how to play TONS of beautiful music, which will offer you (and your loved ones) lots of happiness and fulfillment! ;)

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
~ Mahatma Gandhi