37. How much time will it take me to complete your course?

The answer to this question is partially covered in FAQs No. 22 and 23.

Now I will simply add that PCA does not offer its members only one course – but an enormous database comprising many hundreds of detailed tutorials – including several step-by-step courses (that you can follow according to your level/wishes/needs etc.)!

Also, if you read FAQ No. 22, you know how many years it takes to reach your individual goals – and also how much practice per day/week is needed (again, depending on your goals).

Moreover, we all learn differently (which is entirely ok).

For example, if you’re an absolute beginner, you will start following our Video Course for Beginners once you join. This Course covers the first 3 levels of piano playing – taking you to the intermediary level. In real life, students cover 3 levels in 3 years (considering that they also have extended summer breaks etc.). By learning online, you could complete this entire Course in 8-12 months – and also in 3-4 years (again, depending on your individual learning speed, and also on how much available practice time you have, how motivated you are etc.).

Then you could choose to move on to intermediate pieces and topics – and so on!

So you can remain a member for as long as you wish – and follow our tutorials at your own pace! ;) No matter how long you stay, you will always have new information to discover, new tutorials to watch, new projects to participate in – because piano playing is a very complex art (not a limited topic that can be ‘memorized’ in X days) and there’s always something new to learn and improve!