36. Will you monitor my progress once I join PCA?

Not every step of the way.

As I explain in FAQ No. 3, unlimited individual guidance is not included in the membership.

Once you join, you will have access to an enormous database of tutorials (including step-by-step courses), structured according to categories and levels – plus many other unique features (described in FAQs No. 1 and 2) – but it will be up to you how you implement my recommendations.

In other words, I cannot be there for ALL our hundreds of members, every step of the way (assessing their playing just like in real-life lessons), and simultaneously continue to publish new tutorials every week :). This is not the purpose of PCA (and this is also reflected in the very affordable membership fee; you surely understand that Conservatory-level unlimited individual guidance, on TOP of all the other awesome features our program provides, cannot cost only $47 per month – when the price of one individual lesson ranges nowadays from $40 to $200).

However, you CAN share your recordings (and get my detailed video feedback) in our MasterClass (which takes place twice a year). You can also ask one question per month (or share one short video per month) as part of our Questions & Answers project – and I will answer (review) it in video form.