35. Do you have a step-by-step syllabus/curriculum? How do I choose the right lessons for myself?

PCA offers its members an enormous database comprising many hundreds of tutorials – and many of our prospective students wish to know if there is a path that they can follow (a curriculum or ‘learning plan’ that would tell them which exact tutorials to start with, depending on their level – and which tutorials to continue with).

As mentioned in FAQ No. 1, our Lessons for Beginners have a step-by-step format (following a progressive  curriculum designed for the first 3 years of piano playing) – while the tutorials for intermediate and advanced students target specific pieces or piano topics/problems.

So if you’re a beginner, the answer to this question is YES;) All you need to do is follow the Lessons of our Video Course for Beginners (more information about this Course in FAQ No. 17).

Our Scale & Arpeggio Course has a progressive format as well, and this course is addressed to ALL levels – from beginner level 1 to advanced level 8. So if you follow this Course, every step of the way is pre-charted for you, and all you have to do is practice according to my recommendations, following one lesson at a time (and progressing from level 1 to level 2, then level 3 etc., until you reach level 8). More information about this Course in FAQ No. 19.

If you’re an intermediate student (levels 4-6), the answer is YES as well – we do have a detailed curriculum/guide for the intermediate level. Its purpose is to help you start your learning experience on PCA (and browse our database of tutorials) in a more targeted way (appropriate for your level), so that you know which exact tutorials to watch first (for learning all the fundamentals correctly), which videos/articles to continue with (for correcting your individual bad habits and getting rid of any imbalances you might have acquired in the past), how to follow our Scale Course according to your individual needs, what exact pieces to practice (with a detailed tutorial for each one), in which order etc.

If you’re an advanced student (from level 7 onward), then the answer is ‘not at the moment‘. I’m currently working on a curriculum/guide for levels 7-8 (just like the intermediate guide, it will tell you which tutorials to start with and how to customize your learning experience on PCA according to your individual needs) – and I will write an update as soon as it is published!

The intermediate and advanced curriculums are entirely optional – being designed for those of you who enjoy learning according to a step-by-step studying plan. If you would like more learning freedom, you can skip the curriculums and simply use our Complete List of Available Tutorials (which comprises the links to ALL our available videos and articles – structured according to levels, categories and projects) according to your wishes, watching/reading ANY tutorial that interests you at the moment! ;)

If you are a piano teacher (we have many teachers among our members, who join our program for studying the professional principles of the Russian piano school) – then, of course, you will simply explore our Complete List of Available Tutorials according to your interests (and you do not need a step-by-step curriculum).

Therefore, no matter if you are an absolute or relative beginner, an intermediate or advanced student, an amateur or a professional (or even a piano teacher) – you can easily tailor your learning journey on our site according to your individual ‘set’ of goals, interests, problems, strengths & weaknesses, pieces you would like to learn etc. :).