33. How to register for becoming a member of PCA?

People also ask us: I have problems with the registration process, could you please help?

Yes, of course! ;)

Becoming a member of PCA is easy – but in case you’re new to making online payments, here is a step-by-step breakdown of the registration process:

1. Go to the home page of our site (http://www.pianocareeracademy.com/) and then select a membership option below the video (monthly or yearly; more info about these options in FAQ No. 4).

2. Click ‘Add to Shopping Cart‘ below the membership option you selected.

3. You will be redirected to the Secure Checkout – which is an easy 2-step payment process:

  • Step 1: Payment methods. Choose the payment method you prefer – credit/debit card or PayPal.
  • Step 2: Billing Information. If you pay with credit card, fill in your name, address and credit card details – then click Pay. If you pay with PayPal, enter your name and email address in order to login to your PayPal account (and make the payment). Make sure everything is spelled correctly (otherwise the payment might not go through)!

4. After making the payment, you’ll be directed towards an Account Creation page, where you’ll have to fill in your desired username and password – and agree to recurring billing.

5. With this information (and within our work hours – we live in a GMT +2 time zone), we will activate your account and send you an email with your login details (and several important guidelines and navigation tips). After that, you’ll be able to enjoy all the resources of our site, without ANY limitations!

Important: all new accounts are created manually, that’s why it might take up to 24 hours for your account to be activated (this is also explained on the Account Creation page). We appreciate your patience!

If you encounter any problems during this process – for example, your payment didn’t go through, or you haven’t been redirected to the Account Creation page – please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!