32. What model is your piano?

I receive this question ALL the time ;D – especially as comments to some of my YouTube videos (for example this one – Correct Piano Practice: a Step-By-Step Holistic Guide. Practicing Chopin’s Nocturne op.72 No.1) where I use my new upright piano :).

It’s a Yamaha JU109 PE, and before you ask – it’s definitely not the best Yamaha out there – it’s simply the best upright I could find in my country :) (where we have a limited range of Yamahas). And yes, it does have a very nice sound and good action – but you’ll also find out that when it comes to acoustic instruments, it’s impossible to find two that are exactly the same (even if they are the same brand and model). I also strongly doubt that you’ll be able to find this exact model in your country/city (and you don’t need to – there are plenty of other awesome models out there!).

HOW you play is also super-important: it’s entirely possible to create a beautiful sound on a relatively ‘bad’ instrument (if you know the fundamentals of correct tone production), and it’s also possible to produce a percussive noise on a grand Steinway, Yamaha or Bluthner LOL (if you’re playing incorrectly, in a harsh rigid manner).

Also, if you’re looking into buying a new instrument, I strongly recommend consulting a professional tuner/technician or a local teacher (especially if you’re a beginner/intermediate student and you don’t have much experience when it comes to choosing a piano). Your own preferences of sound/action are very important as well (of course!), but the professional will let you know if the mechanics are ‘in good shape’, what problems you can expect etc.

I hope that this answer was helpful – and lots of good luck in choosing your instrument! 😉