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Hi Ilinca! Wow!
I am so impressed beyond words at your kindness, wisdom, generosity, and more…! After months and months of searching and reading and watching, I am so happy to have such comprehensive instruction by you!

I am almost speechless and in tears (of joy) with curiosity, excitement and gratitude! You are a superb teacher! Your explanations are so clear and intelligent and thoughtful (half of me is off my chair wanting to go to the piano immediately to try out all these great points you’ve written (and shown in photos!!)!

You just really know exactly the right thing to say every time! I always feel so amazed at how accurate your assessment is of my situations.

I cannot believe how long I have been playing piano without ANY realization of what it means to be relaxed and tension free, until finding Piano Career. Every time I sit at my piano now to practice, “relaxed”, “mindful”, “play from shoulders/back”, “loose wrists” are all terms that pop in my brain! It’s so GREAT!!

Alexandra, Japan


Hello Mrs. Vartic,
Just wanted to thank you for your website! It is such a wonderful resource. The fact that you take questions makes it even that much better. It is such a joy to see someone who is really passionate about spreading knowledge about music and the piano! It is really appreciated.

I have read and reread your report. You have really opened my eyes to a new way of learning. Do you realize that you gave me a solution in 2 paragraphs to something that I had been working on for months! All I can do is to thank you for your report. I am slowly changing my practice habits and the way I view music in general. It is a struggle to not slip back into old habits, for the simple fact that I have been doing it for one way for so long!!

You have a very amazing gift to translate all of your ideas about the beautiful language music to the written word. You have truly helped. I have made great strides since I have been reading your website! I honestly can’t thank you enough! I offer you my sincerest gratitude! You are truly remarkable!!

Rodney James, US


Hi Ilinca

You’re fantastic! I admire your wisdom, knowledge and willingness to share. I didn’t expect such a wonderfully detailed answer to my questions on dynamic range.

I’m in awe of your invaluable and inspiring teaching, because you always manage to simplify complicated subjects into conceptual learning that I can comprehend. That is truly an art in itself.
I realize that I have much to learn in the art of playing piano and that’s fine; but what is brilliant is that your site has opened my eyes to many facets of knowledge. Your readers questions are always invaluable and we are extremely fortunate to be able to communicate our difficulties to you. …We await eagerly to more of your fascinating video tutorials, articles and replies and whatever else you choose to do.

I look forward to your exciting new project. Like your other readers, I’m so grateful for all your invaluable help and expertise. Whatever the question, you selflessly give your time so that your in depth replies not only encourage, but enable us to move forward in a productive and positive way.

Count me in for life, please! Thank you very much for all what you’re doing and I wish you every success which you well deserve.

Thanks for your help and kind support. Have a creatively happy week!

Pauline Powlesland, UK


Hi Ilinca,
Thank you so much for this superb video. It’s so inspiring! And I love the way you talk and present, it’s so natural, you’re really talented.
And your English is fantastic!
I learned a lot again and it’s great to watch it more than once…
Thank you very much for all the time you spend on making these great video lessons
All the best,
Many greetings from Holland!

Joost Brands, Holland – founder of PianoTweets


Thanks Illinca,

I’ve really enjoyed your blog especially your latest post. In fact, I’m forwarding it to one of my students whom I’ve been trying to encourage to “play deeply with a relax wrist”. Look forward to reading more on your blog.

Best Wishes,

W. Chan, US, piano teacher – founder of Piano Escapades Studio


Hi Ilinca!
Everything you said is great! It helps a lot. Thank you so much for sharing your kindness and knowledge with us!

I am so happy with your explanations and the wonderful videos you posted. Your secrets make everything comfortable! So, thanks for taking the time for my old piano “headaches” and frustrations.

Best wishes!

Vicente de Paulo Iannini, Brazil


Hi Ilinca!
I am so glad I found your website! What a gold mine of information!
I am so excited to be working with you!! Thank you for making this service available!

Marie Harris, US, piano teacher – founder of Marie’s Piano Studio


Hi Ilinca,
Thank you so much for your thoughts, time and advice!!!
I have read and studied this reply many times during the last week. I just wanted to say that I’ve learned so very much from it and now have a new perspective on this task.

Thank you so much for your hard work. A fantastic tutorial!

Elwyn Rees, UK


Oh my I simple found my virtual guide to piano playing :).
Thanks thanks million for this website! Jana

Jana, Macedonia


Hi Ilinca!!
Thank you so much for everything that you’ve wrote in answer to my questions!! You seem to be a really special person; and I admire your devotion to shearing freely with everyone whatever you think is good for people.
It has been very helpful to read your answers!

Agustín Ravasi, Argentina


Hi Ilinca,

Wow! Honestly I don’t know how you manage to do that – write such detailed and to the point letters when your life is probably booked and scheduled to the very last minute. As I mentioned before, I wholeheartedly admire the generosity with which you share your piano mastery and secrets literally with anybody who knocks at the virtual door of your website. I believe that life will give you back many times as generously (if it’s not already doing that).

Thank you very much for your kind and really encouraging comments and helpful recommendations.

Michael L., US


I really like the way you describe the mental and physical aspects of playing piano or any instrument. It takes years of thoughtful practice and as in many sports today, the mental “game” is also being taught to new musicians. Breathing, relaxing, feeling the music.
Thank you and please keep adding to your website.

Taking the opportunity, I would also like to thank you for the texts what you write. I particularly have enjoyed with the content and applied various techniques in my daily study and I’m sure, like me, many people around the world have benefited from their work. Only a person with a very bright soul could produce such benefits in others people 🙂 .

Richard William Valdivia, Brazil


Hi Ilinca,

I just saw the updates on your website – wonderful job! I just subscribed a moment ago. You may not recall, but I wrote you on your site about a year ago because I was struggling with a forearm injury. The injury was from a combination of bad technique and a poorly regulated piano. I’m happy to say that the injury is all but completely healed! I have applied much of your advice to my playing and it has made a world of difference. After watching your videos, I understand much better what you were talking about with regard to relaxing the wrist.

Greg Norrod, US, Piano Center


I super liked this post! And thank you for answering my question about breathing in the last post, it was really helpful!!!

Thank you for sharing all this to us! I just want to let you know that reading all of your articles and this report have really help me out to face my “piano failures” and problems in general and to change my habits while practicing and playing. I love this page and what you are doing.

I thank the day I found your page while in Google, you have taught me more than what you think. After reading all the articles you have posted, my relationship with my instrument has changed for good. Please, never give up!!

“Always act like if what you do makes a difference, it does”. I don’t remember where I read that quote, but I just want to let you know that what you are doing is making a difference. Thank you!! You got my support!!


Maximo Perez, Dominican Republic


Great article!
It took me thirty years and my first great teacher to figure some of these things out. This article should be required reading before one ever touches a note. Music is first created in the mind. The only limitation is one’s imagination.

Jeff Fidel MD, US


I read some of your articles on Pianocareer.com ….I’m very impressed with the knowledge u have gained in your journey as a pianist.

“Bravo”…………very inspiring…….I have been searching for a very long time someone who can communicate what we need to work on as musicians. I’m glad you have taken the time and effort to assist those who are searching for that ‘something’ to improve and excel.
Thank you.:)

Elaine Gore Mitra, India


Hi, Ilinca,
I want to thank you for writing this article, and for creating this website. I was absolutely delighted when I found both!

Helen, US


Hi Ilinca,
congratulations for your posts!
They are really wonderful and inspired me a lot!
I‘ve been studying piano for 11 years and now I‘m in the 2nd year of the piano major program of the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I‘ve been facing several crisis since I started university and your thoughts gave me a true light… it all has to do with your mind. It‘s impossible to be confident with a lot of negative thoughts and doubts running around.
Thanks for showing me this new path!

H., Brazil


Hello Ilinca,
I wanted to thank you for your excellent and informative website, that you have provided for so many of us, whom love the piano. I benefited from your statements of “relaxation” while studying and especially performing.
Your website is the best I have seen, for piano instruction and I certainly will be using it, for my studies and I will inform others, of this excellent website.

Derek Dickinson, Canada


Hi Ilinca,
I came across your piano career website and I found it very helpful. Your articles are very encouraging and your dream of helping people appreciate music is truly admirable. I can see that you have considerately and positively responded to many readers’ questions!

Huy Phuong Dao, Vietnam



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