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Simply put, joining PCA is one of the BEST decisions I have made in my entire life! No one had ever taught me how to actually practice before. I've been taught a method that is 100% guaranteed to work. Now I practice smarter - not longer, and actually play music instead of just loud notes.

I look forward to playing and discovering something new every day and plan to continue learning and playing the rest of my life. Everyone in PCA is professional and supportive, but the soul of PCA is Ilinca Vartic. I am so glad I am a part of this community.

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  • Patricia Thompson USA
  • Holger Stief Germany Pianist & Composer
  • Tineke B. Australia
  • Henry T. USA
  • Yuko Agata Farman Japan piano teacher and translator
  • Nathan Jacobson South Korea
  • Carla Fleming USA Piano Instructor, Performer, & Certified High Performance / Mindset Coach
  • Denise Dias USA
  • Stephanie Stevenson, MD USA
  • Mariya Shklyar USA
  • Amy J. USA
  • Mary Wade USA
  • Dr. Hugo Dominic Lamb United Kingdom
  • Marilyn G. USA
  • Dr. Peter Llewellyn United Kingdom
  • Marianne Hislop Australia
  • Ada USA
  • Vasilis Karbouris Australia
  • Carol R. USA
  • Bonnie S. Canada
  • Fabio S. Brazil
  • Carol P. USA
  • Nadine S. Netherlands
  • Laurie L. USA
  • Eric T. USA
  • Juan D. Argentina
  • Leia G. Italy
  • Bettina S. Australia
  • Alejandro C. Mexico

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About Ilinca Vartic

Ilinca Vartic is the founder of PianoCareerAcademy, where she helps pianists of all ages and skill levels find excellence, balance and fulfillment in their piano practice.

Her own piano journey was adventurous and full of unexpected turns: born in the former USSR and trained to become a professional concert pianist from the age of 6, Ilinca never imagined that one day she would teach online, via video tutorials and courses!

And yet it happened - and her passion for languages, technology [and thinking outside the box] is to blame. In 2010, after 20 years of intense studies, a..

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